Tessil Market

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Tessilmarket was established in 1977 . Especially in the textile area, Tessilmarket has guaranteed the success of the company in short time. The global growth and the progressive reorganization has made Tessilmarket flexible and careful to market changes, allowing to consolidate its position as a leader of the accessories and the machineries in the textile area.

Tessilmarket provides accessories for

Textile Industry

antistatics, cutters, hooks, tapes, stretch tapes, brushes and spray.

Accessories for woollen assortment

  • ceramics, rings, travellers, top rollers,
  • antistatics, rotor bearings, opening roller, bottom roller,
  • bearings, fluff pickers, complete spindles,
  • antiballon and thread guides.

Accessories for worsted spinning

  • doffing components, grippers, weighting arm
  • spindle bearing units, brushes,
  • top apron cradles, distance clips, pinning systems,
  • bush and ballons cots, bobbin holder for spinning frames,
  • combs for combing machines,
  • original spare parts for Cognetex, Mesdan & NSC.