NSC fibre to yarn world leader in the worsted and semi-worsted spinning in the field of long staple fibres. NSC "fibre to yarn" teams design and manufacture a wide range of industrial machinery which produces yarn from natural and synthetic fibres.

The skills of the staff Located on N. Schlumberger's production facility Guebwiller, in Alsace; is fully geared to turn out the machines of tomorrow. The research of 200 years helps N. Schlumberger's Design and Engineering Department handle every mechanical, electrical, electronic and IT aspect of machine development.


The versatility and cross-functional skills of project teams, is that they are able to develop new applications and processes, customized as per customer’s requirement.

N. Schlumberger machines: An innovating production range NSC fibre to yarn offers following range of machines:

Carding Machines:

Variety of machines for production:

  • The D3/D5 GC 40 blender defelter equipped with an electronic autoleveller.
  • GN8 is Intersecting Gill box.
  • GC 40 is Chain Gill box.
  • GV 20 is a Multihead gill box vertical.
  • The FMV 42 vertical rubbing frame, the high speed finisher with a high adaptation flexibility.
  • The FM 20 Horizontal rubbing frame & FM 20 P with can delivery.
  • The S200 stretch breaker, an exclusive two-level stretch breaking technology.
  • The TT12 crush cutting converter, the converting of filaments of high tenacity.
  • Era combing machine & Modern Era comb for Worsted.
  • Alfa Comb for flax.

For more details, please visit their website: ( www.nsc-schlumberger.com)