N.Schlumberger, France: Long staple textile machine manufacturer

Wool Worsted Spinning

Company Profile

NSC fibre to yarn world leader in the worsted and semi-worsted spinning in the field of long staple fibres. NSC "fibre to yarn" teams design and manufacture a wide range of industrial machinery which produces yarn from natural and synthetic fibres.

NSC fibre to yarn installs hundreds of machines throughout the world, certain models have been sold to more than 6000 customers. The reliability and durability of its machinery, as well as unparalleled experience it has acquired, ensures that NSC fibre to yarn has a solid leadership position throughout the world with a market share in excess of (50 % and almost 90 % in India (need to check with NSC)

NSC fibre to yarn re-invests 7% of its annual turnover in research and development relying heavily on the expertise of its design department. NSC fibre to yarn promotes innovating and efficient production lines. NSC fibre to yarn designs and manufactures a wide range for yarns made of natural or synthetic fibres:

N. Schlumberger machines: An innovating production range NSC fibre to yarn offers:

Production Lines:

  • The CA6 and CA7 cards ( NSC cant use these model names may have to delete) Adapted on all types of wools, certain natural fibres, synthetic fibres and silk noils and hard fibres.
  • The ERA combing machine, with more than 200 ( must be more, please check with NSC)machines sold since 2003, NSC fibre to yarn is holding a solid leading position in all the combing and recombing units of the world with a market share over 75 %
  • The GC 40 chain gill, permitting a speed which reaches until 600 m/min. Over 6000 machines work in the world
  • The D3/D5 GC 30 blender defelter equipped with an electronic autoleveller
  • The GV 20 vertical gills, widely recognized as fourth passage in the fine and super fine yarn preparations
  • The FMV 40 vertical rubbing frame, the high speed finisher with a high adaptation flexibility
  • The FM 20 horizontal rubbing frame, the finisher ideal for small lots
  • The S200 stretch breaker, an exclusive two-level stretch breaking technology
  • The TT12 crush cutting converter, the converting of filaments of high tenacity

NSC Offers following Production Lines consisting of:

Carding and Combing lines: Production of high quality worsted slivers. This line comprises of following machines:

  • Worsted Card
  • ERA combing machine
  • GC 40 chain gills

Defelting, blending and recombing lines:

Ideal solution for complex blends of colours and materials in sliver form. This line comprises of following machines:

  • D3-D5/GC 30 blender defelter
  • GC 40 chain gills
  • ERA combing machine

Worsted spinning preparation lines:

Worsted yarns for apparel,hosiery, etc....
This line comprises of mainly following machines based on count range, material (fibre) and desired automation:

  • GC 40 chain gills
  • GV 20 vertical gills
  • FM 20 horizontal rubbing frame

For more details, please visit their website: ( www.nsc-schlumberger.com)