• The IDEA ring Frames from COGNETEX are designed to produce high quality yarn at high
    speed with excellent performance.

  • The mastery of the chemical filaments crush cutting converting
    Sliver perfect evenness and cleanliness
    Tow checking with metal detectors and tension limiters,
    Delivery speed up to 400 m/min

  • The type 875 stretch-break converter is suitable for the conversion of any type of tow,
    with adjustable and reproducible diagrams. The main processed fibres are acrylic (PAN),
    polyester (PES), polypropylene (PP) or viscose (CV).

  • NSC fibre to yarn world leader in the worsted and semi-worsted spinning in the field of
    long staple fibres. NSC "fibre to yarn" teams design and manufacture

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Established in 2015, DN Associates is relatively a new entity but just by name. People behind this new entity are with vast experience of more than 30 years in the field of marketing and technical services of textile machinery and accessories manufactured by well known European companies. The management of DN Associates has served the textile industry under reputed company DEECO Group, A subset of the agencies have been switched over to DN Associates under the guidance and support from DEECO ... read more

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