Valvan Baling Systems, Belgium

Valvan Baling System is engineering company specialized in design and construction of hydraulic baling presses most suitable for handling natural and synthetic fibres such as polyester and polypropylene staple fibre, acetate tow, cotton, wool, flax, hemp. They also build bale presses for textile hard waste, paper, cardboard, plastics, foam, shives etc.

Valvan also manufacture peripheral equipments such as pneumatic fibre transport, fibre and bale weighing systems, automatic wrapping and strapping system, bale removal, warehousing The presses include wide range Single Box, Swivel Box, channel, Horizontal Bagging, Tow Presses, Pit Presses, Tops Presses,

Tops presses commonly used in wool /worsted units are Semi Automatic or Fully Automatic Bump Presses. This business was acquired by valvan from St. Eloi, a specialist company established in 1098 in France

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