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LACOM GmbH, Germany are the renowned worldwide for manufacturers of "Hotmelt" Laminating and Coating Machines. LACOM have supplied worldwide close to 300 260 machines

LACOM design and manufacture range of Coating and Laminating machines for all the substrates available in roll for - all kind of textiles, self adhesive products, flexible substrates, nonwovens, foam, paper, membrane and film and foil.

The machines are with 3 different applicator systems:

Hot -melt coating and laminating system with applying system -Multi-Purpose, Multi Roller, Gravure Roller and Slot Die.
A special machine with Multi Roller System for Hotmelt Back Coating of carpets up to 5.2 mts. Width. Scatter coating system with powder adhesives. Dispersion coating and laminating system with Doctor Blade and Bars, Slot Die or Multi Roller applicator.

LACOM Multipurpose Laminating and Coating Machine (MPBL) 1000 /1800/2100/2400 (maximum Working Width in mm i.e. finished product width) CV (Compact Version - i.e. Unwinders and Winder within Frame Structure) is most
Economical and preferred machine. The minimum possible width on these machines will be 500 mm and can be adjusted in millimetres to the maximum working width, just in few seconds. LACOM also manufacture and supply
Machines up to 5200 mm width, special executions and range of peripheral equipments required with Laminating and Coating Machines

In LACOM "Hotmelt" Machines, only the coating/bonding material is heated and not the substrates. So During lamination and coating there is no thermal effect to any of the materials and therefore no shrinkage by heat or change of colour or influence to materials (carrier substrates or laminating substrates). The coating material/bonding materials possible to use of LACOM machines are-- Thermoplastics such as EVA, PP, PO, Co-PET, Co-PA, TPU and PSA and also the 2 existing Reactive Adhesives -- PUR (Polyurethane ) and POR (Polyolefin).

As there is no water or solvent involved in the process, there is no need of DRYER/S. The advantages of highly controlled application weight, state of art control panel with precise and settings and controls, limited space requirement and minimum requirement of workforce and intervention enables quality product with great ease of operations and most economical way.

LACOM's laminating and coating machines are the preferred choice in almost all the field of coated and laminated products in Technical Textileclothtech, hometech, protech, sporttech, medtech, packtech, indutech and other field of applications.

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