Reeling - Machines

C+L Textilmaschinen GmbH, mengen, Germany:

Founded in 1949, C+L Textilmaschinen GmbH as the leading manufacturer machines for Textile Industry. Their Product range includes

  Hank Forming (Reeling) machines for spun and filament yarns, C+L Reeling machines are are preferred choice worldwide having 2 models HB500 for reeling of fine and coarse yarns. Highly precise traverse motion and uptodate control system with Industrial PC, adaptable to Automatic Leasing Device (CLT) to produce hanks in shape-Rectangular, Trapezodial, Cop-Built and Lea-hanks. Model W 400 A is Change Reeling Machine to produce Rectangular hank from Silk and other sensative materials,

  The other range of machines from C+L include balling/winding, banding machines and ball packaging machines for hand-knit balls/skeins:

  • 1. Balling Machines, with 16 or 20 positions, for different size of the balls, Semi-automatic machines and Fully Automatic machines includes programmed automatic Winding, Banding and Doffing.
  • 2. Automatic Ball Packaging
  • 3. Automatic band making machine
  • 4. Pull skein winders
  • 5. Yarn Steaming/bulking machines. Steaming/bulking machine can be connected inline to an automatic balling line.
  • 6. Yarn accumulators (placed between steaming and balling machines)
  • 7. Can filling machines (for yarns which should not be wound back on cones after steaming so that maximum quality is attained)
  • 8. Sample shade card machines

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