Specialist for drylaid nonwovens machines and lines for direct or crosslaid technologies applicable to all kinds of bonding processes. ANDRITZ Asselin-Thibeau, located in Elbeuf, France, has united the expertise of two pioneers in nonwovens drylaid processes, Antoine Thibeau & Cie (founded in 1896) and Asselin Cie, (founded in 1920). Both companies have been leading providers of customized system solutions for the textile and nonwovens industries right from the very beginning

Today, ANDRITZ -Thibeau designs and manufactures integrated production lines that includes inline and /or crosslaid carding, spunlace, needlepunch, and thermal, chemical, or through-air bonding. All lines can be equipped with a supervisory control assistance system, including production recipes. The product portfolio includes equipment for several levels of performance, depending on local market size, fabric weight, production speed, final application, and maintenance requirements.The nonwovens market is characterized by a multitude of constantly changing applications. ANDRITZ Asselin-Thibeau therefore has a clear focus on continuous research and development and on designing customized solutions.

Andritz Asselin Theibu produces following machines for the complete solutions of needle punch line:


They also offer an unrivalled technical center, providing trials, product development, marketing tests, training, and support are for the following technologies:

  • Carding
  • Crosslapping
  • Drafting
  • Needlepunching
  • Winding

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